Yongnian eight emission reduction projects to strengthen the prevention and control of air pollution

Since this year, Yongnian district through the promotion of “eight emission reduction projects”, lift the power of the whole region to win air quality. So far, the air quality composite index is 5.14, down 6.38% year on year; There were 210 good days above grade II, an increase of 24 days compared with the same period last year, and initial progress was made in the comprehensive prevention and control of air pollution. 

Scientific analysis and analysis, find the root of the problem of air pollution prevention and control. YongNian district party committee and government have a meeting, the deployment of air pollution prevention and control work, printed and distributed to the sprint crucial YongNian area of the current air quality control plan, to the entire district issued a mobilization order, requirement of district staff tree prison environmental priority philosophy, uninterrupted YeZha action, adhere to the problem oriented, profound reflection, in-depth analysis, find the root cause of influence the air quality improvement, Adhere to the hardest means, the strictest measures, the strongest strength, layer by layer to consolidate responsibility, layer by layer to conduct pressure, the whole district always fight for, make concerted efforts, bearing forward, to ensure that the reverse passive backward situation as soon as possible. 

We will take targeted measures to vigorously promote the eight major emission reduction projects. In order to promote the in-depth development of air pollution prevention and control work, yongnian District party and government leaders of the ecological environmental protection arrangements, supervision and implementation, to solve problems; The leader in charge of daily scheduling analysis, 4 district-level inspection groups daily front-line inspection; All departments actively carried out self-inspection and rectification, and vigorously promoted the “eight emission reduction projects”. 

The industrial structure emission reduction project was promoted, 16 brick kilns were closed, the construction of new production lines in Yongyang Special Steel Industrial Park was accelerated, and the heavy rail production lines and spring steel production lines in the old factory were phased out. 

The project to reduce emissions of transport structures was carried out, the Yongyang Special Steel “rotating rail” project was launched, the section connecting the East Third Ring Road with Shahe City was completed and opened to traffic, 1,310 diesel trucks were eliminated from operation, 280 new energy buses were used, and 490 non-road moving machinery (forklifts) were retired.

We will promote emission reduction projects in the structure of land use, strictly implement the “6+2 100%” control measures at construction sites, strictly implement the “two or three machines sweep at the same time” model, implement the “integration” of urban and rural cleaning, comprehensively clean urban auxiliary roads and sidewalks, and rural streets and lanes, and effectively reduce dust pollution.

Promote enterprise governance and emission reduction projects, complete 23 key enterprises differentiated production regulation, upgrade 51 VOCs-related enterprises, and implement emission reduction measures for 20 large households with daily exhaust emissions of more than 10,000 cubic meters to the specific process and specific time, to ensure the stable discharge of pollutants to meet standards. 

The ozone control and emission reduction project was promoted, 75 catering venues were rectified, open-air barbecues in the main urban areas were all banned, 33 gas stations and 33 national and provincial highway refueling outlets were renovated and upgraded, and 33 black refueling stations were banned. 

To promote the energy structure emission reduction project, accelerate the construction of the ground source heat pump renovation project for 2020 households in Guangfu City, and carry out regular inspection of loose coal and the “Nighthawk” action to control substandard loose coal.

We will promote emission reduction projects around the national control points, systematically check 13 types of pollution sources in the experimental high school demonstration area, establish a responsibility list, and continue to make in-depth efforts; 13 sets of β -ray dust monitoring equipment and 9 sets of multi-parameter micro-stations have been set up to comprehensively strengthen the early warning and prediction of microenvironment around the national control points. Stop the city auto repair industry permit record, forced auto repair spraying industry out in batches.

Further standard parts industry increase emission reduction projects, in accordance with the “retreat city relocation promote a batch of a batch, regulation and the closing out a batch of” train of thought, the standard parts production enterprises, the welding processing, logistics transportation, road mobile machinery and a whole chain management, the main and 80 standard parts enterprises at all between the “projects”, power is in place, 926 gas-related enterprises completed renovation and upgrading of 898.

All departments will work together to crack down on environmental violations. Yongnian District studied and formulated the Implementation Plan of “Dual Random” Comprehensive Law enforcement on Ecological environment in Yongnian District, and established a headquarters of “dual random” comprehensive law enforcement on ecological environment in Yongnian District, with the district head of the government as the commander and the chief of the competent district as the executive deputy commander. According to the characteristics of gas pollution sources, Yongnian district divided industrial enterprises, construction sites, restaurants, open burning and other 12 inspection priorities, set up 6 special law enforcement teams, 14 comprehensive law enforcement teams, 17 township law enforcement teams, adopt a “double random” approach to environmental law enforcement. Typical illegal sewage problems found in the process of law enforcement, public disclosure, television channels, through the network to open burning, fireworks, serious illegal behavior such as sewage, found together, exposure and dealt with according to law, together form a frenzy of propaganda of public opinion atmosphere, to investigate and punish a, deter a law enforcement effect, It has effectively curbed environmental violations.

 We improved mechanisms, strengthened accountability, and carried out air pollution prevention and control work efficiently.

To practice “a day” mechanism, district office atmosphere every day, in conjunction with the expert group on air quality precision analysis, real-time focus on data change, focus on competition, crucial goals, goals every day, aiming at disadvantages of indicators, targeted, providing timely release targeted, work effective controls, report the feedback on a regular basis.

The implementation of the “one supervision every day” mechanism, by the district committee inspection room, district government inspection room, district inspection office, district atmospheric office formed a joint inspection group, every day the work of all units, the implementation of the expert group recommendations to supervise, timely report the progress, urge all units to carry out the work efficiently.

The implementation of the “daily notification week queuing” mechanism, according to the “investigation – handed over – rectification – feedback – acceptance” five-step work method, the implementation of closed-loop management of all kinds of air pollution problems, all problems to establish rectification ledger, control the list, rectification, verification, sales number, daily report handed over the rectification of problems; Weekly ranking and notification of feedback on rectification of problems assigned by relevant departments of townships, industrial parks and districts to strengthen the effectiveness of rectification and eliminate the impact of pollution.

The mechanism of “one case, one discussion” is implemented to timely resolve the problems in the process of work, especially those involving trans-departmental and trans-regional disputes, so as to eliminate the buck-passing of departments and eliminate blind spots in industry supervision.

Implementing the mechanism of “weekly scheduling and monthly assessment”, holding weekly special scheduling meetings to listen to work reports, and bringing air pollution prevention and control into the regional “key work challenge competition”; Monthly queuing assessment, praise advanced, spur backward, force all responsible units to fall back on their responsibilities, strengthen accountability.

Post time: Dec-13-2021