• Wedge Anchors

    Wedge Anchors

    Product Description 1. wedge anchor There are no high requirements for concrete void depth and cleanliness, easy to install, and the price is not expensive. Choose appropriate embedding depth according to the thickness of the fixed roof. With the increase of embedding depth, the tension increases. This product has reliable expansion functionThis product has longer threads and is easy to install, and is often used in heavy load service. To obtain reliable, large fastening force, it is nec...
  • Chemical anchor bolt

    Chemical anchor bolt

    Chemical anchor is a new type of fastening material, which is composed of chemical agent and metal rod. Can be used for all kinds of curtain wall, marble dry hanging construction after the installation of embedded parts, also can be used for equipment installation, highway, bridge guardrail installation;

  • Hexagon sleeve gecko

    Hexagon sleeve gecko

    Mainly used in concrete and dense natural stone, steel structure, railing, elevator lines, machines, brackets, doors, stairs, exterior wall finishes, Windows, etc., suitable for the role of medium load fixing