Iron ore giant production, Tangshan again environmental protection limit production, steel prices will rise

On June 8, black commodity futures price trend differentiation, rebar, hot coil and iron ore futures continue to maintain low shock, the end of the decline significantly narrowed, double coke afternoon began a round of rapid rebound, the end of the successful turn red. Futures plate has stopped falling signs of stabilization, iron ore as an important raw material for steel end, become the core factor to support steel prices. On the 8th, the spot price of steel was stable and weak, and the futures shock was weak in the morning. The spot price followed, and the end customers placed fewer orders on the wait-and-see counter offer. With the futures rising in the afternoon, spot prices in some cities rose slightly. Dealers generally sold while rising. Some just needed customers to purchase actively, while a few traders bought goods at the bottom

Post time: Jun-30-2021